About Us

Attorney John F. Pomykato has been a licensed attorney since 1980.  In 1986, he formed Paris, Pomeroy, and Pomykato, a law firm specializing in personal injury and workers’ compensation law.  Attorney Pomykato later set out on his own as a sole practitioner until his son, John C. Pomykato, became an attorney in 2010.  In November 2010, Pomykato & Pomykato was formed.

At Pomykato & Pomykato we are dedicated and experienced workers’ compensation, personal injury, and criminal defense attorneys.  We strive to provide the best legal representation possible and will ensure that your rights are protected and adequately represented no matter the legal issue.  We zealously represent our clients at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents, the New Hampshire Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration, as well as the various district and superior courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of New Hampshire.  We offer a free consultations and we are ready to assist you.