15 Dec 2014

A Boston Car Accident Attorney Helps the Litigation Process

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The consequences of a car accident can be far more than inconvenient; they can be devastating physically, psychologically and financially. If you have been the victim of a car accident, a Boston car accident attorney can provide you with the advice and assistance to get through the process of filing a claim, litigation and receiving your settlement. Understanding how the process evolves can help save you from becoming frustrated and discouraged while your attorney works on your behalf.


Your Part

To maximize your settlement and financial recovery, your car accident attorney will discuss what you can expect and what your part is. The defense attorney will work hard to disprove your injury claims and make it appear that your injuries are not as severe as presented. You can help make his job easier by following all medical advice completely and keeping every doctor and therapy appointment.

Phases of the Process

There are several phases that you will encounter as your case progresses toward a trial date. It’s important to know that these phases can be long.

  • Preliminary Phase: During this phase, motions are filed by the defense with the goal of protecting the defendant. This may be a request to transfer your case or a proposal to dismiss your case entirely.
  • Discovery Phase: During the discovery phase, all evidence and documents are shared between both sides. A chance to thoroughly examine all evidence is allowed. Depositions and statements are collected from all involved parties.
  • Trial Phase: Once discovery is complete, your claim can be presented in court by your attorney.

During the discovery phase, which is often the longest phase, you will likely be asked to sit with the defense attorney and provide a deposition. You will be asked about your injuries and any previous medical history. Your car accident attorney will be present to be sure the process is done correctly and to protect your rights.

Making the decision to file a suit against another driver is a serious one, and the process is lengthy. There may be times when you begin to feel prosecuted and frustrated. Your attorney can help you through this process and protect you at the same time.

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