24 Nov 2014

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer and What You Should Know

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If you have suffered physical or psychological injury due to the wrongdoing or negligence of a person or organization, then you may be considering consulting with a Boston Personal Injury Lawyer, an attorney who specializes in assisting clients in receiving financial compensation for any damages. Compensation could cover several areas such as medical bills, damaged property replacement, lost salary and another loss. Your attorney will negotiate for you with insurance companies and any organization that might be responsible.


Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Specialties

The personal injury legal field is broad, and attorneys are more effective when they focus on and specialize in one area. Occasionally, a personal injury lawyer will practice within two different fields. For example, a medical malpractice field might be covered, or worker’s compensation claims are primarily represented. Finding a lawyer that has the experience and expertise to meet your individual circumstances is simple and can be accomplished by doing some online research.

Legal Costs and Fees

Most lawyers perform their services based on “contingency fees”, which means that once your case reaches a settlement, the attorney is paid a percentage of the total amount. This amount is around 30 to 40 percent. However, if the case is not successfully settled in your favor, the lawyer doesn’t get the contingency. You, as the client, will still be responsible for the cost of items such as court fees, filing fees, postage and copying costs.

Finding the Right Lawyer

Finding the right attorney for your case starts with doing research or by asking associates for referrals; chances are someone you know has the name of a great personal injury lawyer. Another resource is the state bar association. Take the time to schedule interviews with several attorneys – most will offer you a free consultation meeting. You can then make a decision about who you have the most confidence in.

When you have been injured or suffered some loss because of someone else’s actions, the financial impact can be devastating. Filing a claim to receive compensation is your right and a personal injury attorney can help you recover some of your losses.

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