22 Dec 2014

How a Boston Slip and Fall Lawyer Helps Clients

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We have all heard the stories of people who have pretended to fall and injure themselves at the supermarket, but there are real instances of people being seriously injured through no fault of their own. This may be due to negligence on the part of employees or business owners. For those cases, the assistance of a Boston slip and fall lawyer is needed to help protect an individual’s rights. And it is not just falls in the grocery store – injuries can happen anywhere.


Dangerous Stairwells

There are many commercial or office buildings where people may have been injured because of poor or absent maintenance. A common occurrence is in multi-story buildings that may lack handrails in stairwells, or a loose handrail is present. This can result in a fall with serious injury.

Slippery Walking Surfaces

Restaurants are another establishment where the risk of injury is increased. Floors are often slippery due to liquids or foods on the floor surfaces. Customers and employees both could fall and suffer an incapacitating injury. While the restaurant may not be able to control customers dropping food or drinks, they do have a responsibility to maintain a safe and clean environment. A slip and fall lawyer can help you determine if the owner is at fault.

Poor Lighting

Every commercial establishment has a legal responsibility to provide a well-lit environment to protect the safety of their patrons.  If lighting is missing or malfunctioning, the likelihood of a person tripping over an unseen object or surface irregularity increases. Failing to provide adequate and safe lighting could mean an establishment is negligent, and compensation could be available for the victim.

So, yes, there are some people who will purposefully fall in a public building and then fake a serious injury, but there are far more people who are legitimately injured as the result of negligent maintenance or construction. If you have suffered because of someone else’s inability to provide a safe environment, then you should seek the advice of a slip and fall lawyer. He or she will help you get the compensation for your injuries that you need.

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